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The New Building and Space project 

Fragments Theater has been operating in different locations since 2016, but this old Ottoman-style building in the middle of the city offers brand new opportunities “This will be our new home, and we want it to be an asylum, a safe space, for all artists from Jenin”

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Space Project 

Fragments Theatre has rented an old Ottoman era building for the purpose of having
a training space for the children and the young people, a library and a cultural café.
Parts of the building have already been renovated thanks to the help of individual donors. However, the building still needs a lot of work and through this project we are hoping to finally complete the whole renovation procedure.
2) Opening a cultural café

Fragments Theatre is working on opening the first cultural café in Jenin which will
include a training space for the young people, a library and a café. On top of that, the café will open up job opportunities for the young people of Jenin.
3) Organizing upscyling and recycling trainings
Space project aims to train 10 young people, both male and female, from Jenin in upscyling and recycling wood, plastic and other materials and teach them how to create artistic products using these methods. The final creations will be shown to the
public at an exhibition where they will also be able to purchase the items. Thus, providing some income for the 10 young people involved.

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My Tale Project 

My Tale project in Jenin, in Palestine, , the project targeted 2
groups young people and children, the project trained the young people to be trainers and the trainers  trained  children and presented their stories.
the participants  trained by professionals trainers from UK and Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria virtually and face to face.
The main aim of this project for this project is to provide youth in targeted area with new and creative tools for effectively dealing with the
hardships caused by their particular circumstances and build professional trainers in Jenin.
The project encouraged them to imagine alternate realities, in which they can challenge the current political and social structures and give
them hope that they can build a better future for themselves and their societies.


Props Making Workshop 

Fragments Theatre collaborated with Arohan Grutul in Kathmandu, Nepal and conducted Props Making Workshops in Nepal for the artists in Arohan Grutol and Pohara Theatre, also Fragments Theatre conducted props making workshop for theatre children groups

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 Promoting positive mental health through the Arts.


Bond Street Theatre (BST) of the US, in collaboration with Fragments Theatre (FT) of Palestine, giving youth in Jenin the opportunity to express themselves through artistic practices, and in association with 6 additional CSOs, proposes an Arts for Psychosocial Support training program engaging youth (ages 18-30) from Jenin and surrounding villages. The program uses the arts to support mental health in youth, counter violence, foster social inclusion, and advance peaceful solutions to local social justice issues through theatre and digital storytelling. 

The project brings together an 8-person US-Palestinian Artistic Team, which includes experts in theatre direction and facilitation, artists, digital storytelling through social media, and mental health. It is important that the program leadership pulls from a range of interdisciplinary educational backgrounds, such as psychology, the arts, education and communications. 

Through the US-Palestinian exchange of skills, the project will produce an ongoing dramatic series on social media that explores the issues confronting youth in Jenin and offers viable solutions. The series were  written and performed by 10 youth participants from Jenin (Fragments Theatre, the Youth Development Resources Centre in Jenin, the Youth Center in Aljalmeh Village, and Step Association in Arrabah), under the direction of the Artistic Team, and  presented on various online platforms to engage a wide variety of viewers.  The interactive nature of social media allows for viewers to respond and the Artistic Team to monitor responses. 

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