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About Us 

FRAGMENTS THEATRE is a Theatre  and  cultural organization, founded in Jenin, by a group of actors, filmmakers, and technicians who were inspired by Juliano Mer-Khamis, a  Theatre director who was assassinated in 2011.


 Fragments Theatre connects artists with each other, with the local community, with other art scenes in Palestine, and with the rest of the world. Through theatre , media , and visual art, we ensure that local voices are heard. Fragments Theatre strives to provide a safe space for children, women, and youths, to exchange, interact and express themselves through artistic and cultural creations. Through our activities, we encourage the development of artistic skills among children, youths, and women and assist these populations in becoming creative entrepreneurs. Beyond giving hope, Fragments Theater helps vulnerable populations in managing their stress and traumas through the arts.


We operate in a challenging context


  • A political climate conducive to fear, stress and anxiety amongst our children and youth and within our community

  • An economic context with limited prospects for development

  • A social context with limited opportunities for self-development and innovation   



We work with different forms of artistic expression


  • Theatre

  • Visual arts

  • Plastic arts

  • Cinema 



We aim to


  • Develop artistic skills amongst children, youth and women and increase their chance of building a career in the sector

  • Support marginalised artists in Jenine and its vicinity in promoting their art and in furthering their careers as professionals

  • Promote the arts as a means of exchanging and managing behaviors, reducing stress and anxiety, and increasing self-esteem

  • Promote the arts as a tool for development  and a vehicle for change within the communit

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