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April 2013, Cinema Jenin


Wendy is transformed into a young Palestinian girl from Jenin who is set on following her dream of becoming an actress. Facing severe restrictions on her freedom from her conservative parents, she meets the character of Peter Pan, who introduces her to a world of lost boys, crocodiles, and fairy dust. Wendy follows Pan from Jenin to the magical world of Neverland where they embark on what will become the adventure of their lives.


Weaving together fantasy and reality, through stage and screen, Peter Pan in Jenin provides a generous helping of escapism and fantasy to children and adults alike.


Produced by: Batoul Taleb, Rawand Arqawi & Aviva Zimmerman
Directed by: Paulina Almeida


A mask and puppet extravaganza

June 2014



WINDOWS is a mesmerizing puppet and mask performance, created by a group of young actors from Jenin over an intense 6-week long collaboration period.


The play incorporates tales collected from the local community, weaving together stories from the past, present and future.  WINDOWS reveals the power of art to transform the imagination through memories, dreams, and hopes for the future. 


Produced by: Rawand Arqawi

Directed by: Paulina Almeida

Coordinated by: Mariam Abu Khaled

Puppet Construction: Sara Hasenbrink 

Set Design: Maria De Los Dilemas

Actors: Awlad Albalad Theatre Group

Co-Produced by: Aviva Zimmerman

Lighting Design by: Mohammed Sadi




Fragments Theatre  initiated the Youth for Change Project by training young
people for combined drama and circus workshop and  created a street theatre
performance from their own stories. The project targeted  neglected areas in
Palestine, the project will train 10 Palestinian participants, Fragments Theatre
traveled and  performed in Casablanca and give training in combined circus
and drama for women and children. The project created dialogue, createed
opportunity for story exchange, and built a creative partnership between
Fragments Theatre, Théâtre de l'Opprimé Casablanca in Morocco.

Act for Change 

The project consists of four activities : 

- Drama Therapy and Drama Activities Workshops Fragments Theatre offers regular drama therapy workshops where children and youth explore internal conflicts and act out their emotions in a safe and stimulating space. Through improvisations, movement and stories, the participants learn to better understand themselves and their surroundings

- Video Therapy

     The medium of film has proved very popular among youth in the   area and Fragments Theatre has          therefore decided to introduce video    therapy activities for youth as a complement to its more   professional       filmmaking workshops for older youth/young adults.


- Stand Up Comedy Club Fragments Theatre opened the first Comedy Club in Palestine with Adi Khalifa - one of the main names in stand up comedy to train participants in Jenin and other places.

- Cinema Club

    Fragments Theatre opened a small cinema club to screen Palestinian and international films to the            community in collaboration with cinema club Ramallah with supervision of film director Saleem Abu  Jabal.

Happy in Jenin 

Fragments Theatre collaborated with Kino pal project.

The project is giving training in short films, the participants learned producing and directing and presented  their work at Cinema Jenin.

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