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Rawand Arqawi is a talented producer and cultural manager from Jenin. She worked as a production coordinator for nearly four years with the Freedom Theatre, working under theatre artist Juliano Mer-Khamis. During her time with the Freedom Theatre, she coordinated dozens of performances, workshops, international tours, exchanges, as well as managed communications, international volunteers, fundraising, and logistics. Beyond her work with the Freedom Theatre, she contributed to various local artistic projects and groups, including with Bukhra Akhla, and as a production assistant for Al Jazeera Children. In 2013, she initiated and produced a large scale performance of “Peter Pan” at Cinema Jenin, coordinating a group of local and foreign artists. She is passionate about using arts as a tool of resistance. 


Osama Alsadi - Artistic Director 

Osama is a producer and visual artist from Jenin. After his studies in Bethlehem, he joined the Freedom Theater, Palestine. He further worked as an independent artist. In partnership with various organizations in Jenin, he engages youths in recycling artistic installations projects. Osama also organizes concerts and theatre activities in Jenin. He has produced short films, including "Killing of the Spirit"

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